Sunday, November 8, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Betrayal~ Aleatha Romig~ Contemporary Romance


"Stupid, naive people. Happiness in another person wasn't real. All people did was betray one another: if not on the first date, then eventually." 


Betrayal is the first installment of the Infidelity Series. Aleatha Romig doesn't disappoint with her stellar writing rich with complex characters and sexy overtones. I find myself enraptured every single time I read one of her books.


Alexandria Collins comes from southern money and the world of old school charm. Her mother and stepfather ooze power and prestige and feel that they have ownership of Alex. However, Alex is determined to become something great and she is able to escape the prison of that world when she moves to California for college. After graduation, she takes a quick trip with her best friend and she meets Nox.

"His unique combination of force and tenderness should be illegal, because with just one taste I was instantly addicted."-Alex


Nox Demetri is a successful business man who charms Alex with his devilish smile and dashing good looks. There is an instant attraction between the two. Alex is hesitant to reveal her identity and therefore they decide to have one week of fun together. After a week of courting and some intense exploration of each other's bodies, they part without ever revealing their true identities. 

"Breathing no longer mattered as my back arched and I pushed pebbled nipples against the hardness of his chest. We didn't rush. For was seemed like an eternity, we lost ourselves in one another."-Alex


Before Alex settles in New York for Law School, she takes a detour back home in order to deal with some family business. She is immediately transported to a world that has only brought her pain. She is determined to escape and return to her freedom. However, when she discovers her inheritance has been put in jeopardy, she feels her future slipping between her fingers. With the hope of overcoming her adversaries (her parents), she moves to New York in order to start Law School and find a way to keep her future secure and put her past behind her forever. 

"Montague name didn't own me-no one did."-Alex

Despite her past and current plight, Alex is determined. However, Nox has left a vacancy in her heart. Never far from her mind, he constantly lingers like a ghost in her thoughts.


Told in first POV, Betrayal shifts from the present and the past. In the past, we experience her love affair with the mysterious and "sexy" Nox. In the future, we experience the horrors of her family and their dysfunctional lifestyle. Although I understood the importance of the time shift, I found myself anxious the majority of the read waiting for the timelines to match. Still, the plot is well developed and the characters are quite intriguing. I felt that the tempo was generally a little slow for my taste and yet, in true Aleatha fashion, the plot development towards the end of the book left me desperate for more. The chemistry between Nox and Alex is undeniable and I have no doubt the next book will bring even more mystery and intrigue to the plot. The dynamics between the characters are intense and the setting is rich with description. 


Anticipation is the name of this game and it's a game I want to play! 

"He set his sight on you."


Overall, Betrayal was an intriguing read and I will certainly be looking for the next installment in this series. There is a slight cliffy in this read. Although it is completely bearable, it certainly left me anxious for the next book. If you are a fan of Aleatha's work, this is a must read! You will not be disappointed with the time you spend with Nox and Alex! 

~BR with my girls WAR and CC.~


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