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Elizabeth's Review~ Sinful~ Susan Johnson~ Historical Romance


"She was sheer unadulterated sexuality~like a pagan rite of 


Sinful is my first Historical Romance read EVER! Diving in, I didn't quite know what to expect! Sinjin certainly did not disappoint! Sinful is set in the United Kingdom in 1787. So jump into your time machine and get ready for horse races, horse breeding, British Royal Society, parties, carriage rides, harems, kidnapping, sea voyages, duels, and indiscretion at it's finest.


"I'll be a spinster and wear mucking boots and smoke a pipe with the stable lads. And stay with my horses."-Chelsea

Chelsea Fergusson is doomed. As the daughter of the Earl of Dumfries, she is destined to be married off before her 18th birthday. However, Chelsea has bigger dreams for her life. She is a strong willed independent woman who wants to ride horses and stay with her brothers and father forever. When her father tries to arrange a marriage to a high society English Man, Chelsea takes matters into her own hands. She decides to seduce "London's most infamous libertine", Sinjin St.John, Duke of Seth, “the Saint.”

"Despite his reputation for sexual excess, women had always played a relatively minor role in his life."

Sinjin is a well versed in the ways of women. At first when Chelsea tries to draw him in (literally), Sinjin is able to resist temptation. However, later Chelsea finds a way into his bed. After one night, Sinjin recognizes something different about the young vixen. They form a friendship of sorts. In addition to friendship, the two have formed a passionate sexual bond that brings them both a great deal of satisfaction. 


"He drove into her deeply as if the answer to his unease could be physically assuaged, as if the powerful rhythm of thrust and withdrawal would clear away the enigmatic conundrum, as if his strength could overcome her bewitching allure."

After their time together has passed, Chelsea and Sinjin go their own ways. Although they believe they will never see each other again, circumstances change and they are forced back together. Sinjin must then decide if he is truly able to be a "kept man"? Does Chelsea have the staying power to keep Sinjin satisfied for a lifetime?


Sinful is truly a delectable read. The combination of the rich text and clearly defined setting allows you to feel connected to the characters and the time period. Although I am not a historian, I was completely absorbed in the story and felt like I had a good grasp on the dynamics of that time period. Both Sinjin and Chelsea are extremely likable characters and although there story is set in the 18th Century, I feel that their story could have been unfolding in the 21st century. The sexual chemistry between Sinjin and Chelsea was quite scandalous and although Sinjin is a bit of a bad boy, it didn't take him long to win me over! Regarding the story arc, there were aspects towards the end of the read that seemed a bit disconnected from "the core" of the story and yet, I found the addition only heightened the dynamics between Chelsea and Sinjin. 

"Everything about you matters."


Overall, Sinful is a spectacular Historical Romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip to the past and will definitely continue reading this series. I understand Wicked is about Sinjin's son. As we know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Therefore I, for one, am ready to get to know the grown up Beau! My kindle will be ready!

***St. John-Duras Series***
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