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Elizabeth's Review~ Reaper's Fall~ Joanna Wylde


"Sexy. Beautiful. Toxic."


Reaper's Fall is the fifth book in the Reapers MC Series. The Reapers Men are one set of bikers that never fail to get the blood pumping. With action, steam, and temperamental characters,Reaper's Fall continues the tradition of fast bikes, rough men, and their spirited women.


Painter and Mel are not new characters to the series. Both made appearances in previous books. Painter has been with the club for a long time and Mel is a good friend of the club because of her close friendship with Jessica (London's niece). Painter and Mel have always had a history of attraction and a bit of a “young crush” has been an ongoing development between the two. While Painter was serving time in prison, Mel sent him letters and their friendship only continued to blossom.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."-Painter


When Painter was finally out and able to resume his work in the club, Mel was surprised that he wasn’t interested in getting anything started with her. Both WANT to start something and yet, Painter has been holding back because he just doesn’t think he is good enough for Mel. When the two finally get together, the chemistry between the two was intense to say the least. Finally, all of that sexual tension has no problem busting loose! Because they had such a strong friendship (at the core of their relationship), it only made the two of them together more endearing and yet "red hot"! As Painter continues to balance his priorities between the club and Mel, things begin to get complicated. Mel must decide if she is ok playing second fiddle to the club. After a serious case of the back and forth, the two finally realize they simply cannot stay away from each other. 

"You'd really start a war over this girl?



Reaper's Fall was a good read. However, what was slightly problematic for me was the pacing throughout the first half of the book. The prologue begins with a bang. Then when we jump a few pages to the first chapter, you find yourself five years in the past. Therefore, the anticipation is high for the first half of the book. The tension, at times, felt forced and slightly "over the top". Painter and Mel were both complex characters and both had personality traits that were less than desirable. And yet, as the plot continues to develop, the tempo picks up significantly. I began to to invest in the story and both of the main characters became just like all of the other characters in this series. (People I cared about and wanted to find happiness in each other.) Told in multiple POV, Reaper's Fall is a must read for Reapers Fans. Although it wasn’t my favorite in the series, Mel and Painter have a unique story and I am so glad that I read it.


"This isn't over. It would never be over between us."-Painter


Overall, Reaper's Fall is another winner in the series. Despite my moments of frustration, there were moments of passion and tenderness that should not be missed. I enjoy the writing style of this author and throughout each book, my love for these bikers continues to grow! Although each book can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend taking the time to read the series in full from Book 1. What better way to become acquainted with some of the sexiest bikers around?

~BR with my girl LOYDA!!!!


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