Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~All He Wants~ C.C. Gibbs~Contemporary Romance



"Moments mattered in life; they zipped by too fast, or you were looking the other way when you should have been paying attention. Either way you missed them."


When it comes to a modern romance, All He Wants offers a truly cinematic view of pleasure. The combination of descriptive writing and complex characters made this read a sheer delight!

Kate is a highly educated young professional. She has been recruited by Knight Enterprises to investigate losses in the company's financials. When Kate meets Dominic Knight, she is instantly put on alert by his domineering personality and kurt speech. Despite her reservations in accepting the job, she concedes and she takes off for Amsterdam in order to complete the work.  

"Dominic Knight in all his dark, sensual beauty was standing there, up close and personal, his quick raking glance so casually assessing she should take offense, not feel a shocking rush of pleasure."-Kate

Dominic is a womanizer. After the passing of his wife, he has found pleasure in anything that he wants. He is taken by Kate but only because she represents innocence that he is desperate to taint and tantalize!  


Dominic doesn't waste any time trying to seduce his young employee. After much uncertainty, Kate agrees to a relationship with Mr. Knight of JUST SEX for a few days. The two share and experience some highly charged moments of sexual pleasure together. 

"This holiday was about sex and games of mastery and submission, power and control. Nothing else."-Dominic


They explore Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Hong Kong together. As in most cases when sexual chemistry is evident, these two begin to develop feelings for one another. Kate is terrified of getting her heart broken. Dominic has spent so many years keeping himself guarded from love and yet, Kate begins to spark a deep feeling of longing deep in his soul.

As the clock is ticking, I felt more and more love for these characters. Of course, I will have to continue the series to see what happens next.

"He was the only man she'd ever wanted, perhaps the only man she'd ever want. How would she survive without him?"-Kate


"It was like reaching home after an endless journey. Or finding safe haven from a storm. Or perhaps, finding love for those with an open mind."-Dominic

Overall, All He Wants was a very good read. At first, I found myself very frustrated with Kate. She was so uncertain about herself and what choices she should make. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the transformation that takes place in her as the story progressed. Dominic is no doubt a typical "alpha male" who is taken down a notch or two when Kate dishes out some highly charged verbal banter. I can honestly say once the book took off, I couldn't put it down. I did find the POV in the text to be a bit confusing at times. It shifts rather abruptly and if was slightly problematic to sift through especially during highly charged moments in the story. The sexual encounters between Kate and Dominic were off the charts! Ms. Gibbs is quite gifted at evoking every drop of emotion and sexual tension from these two. However, what makes this read so remarkable is the authors ability to paint the settings so vividly. Her descriptions of each location made me feel like I was on vacation enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds right along with the main characters. That, my friends, made this read a true winner for me! I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a modern romance that is staged in stunning locations. Although this was a slow starter for me, once the conflict was in place, I couldn't stop reading! I will certainly be following up with Kate and Dominic in the next installment of this series.

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~ARC graciously offered by author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Ms. Gibbs for sharing your work with me.~

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