Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Completion~Stylo Fantome~ Contemporary Dark Romance




“Jameson,” she breathed, laying down on his chest. “Even when you piss me off, I am still happier with you than I have ever been in my whole life.”-Tate 

Completion is the final installment of the Kane Trilogies. It is a very unique novella as it gives us a sneak peek into Jameson and Tate's world after Reparation.


Only two years have passed since Jameson and Tate have finally come together and yet, their relationship has transformed into a beautiful intricate dance. Tate has found a career to keep her busy. Jameson has continued to find success in his career. Sanders has found happiness living independently from Jameson and Tate. You might be wondering, why the need for more Jameson and Tate? The answer of to that is in the title of this novella. Completion! 

"Then he stayed in her room, the entire time she'd been in the hospital. Didn't take one phone call, didn't see one client. Slept on chairs till she got her cast, then slept in the bed with her. Completely wrapped around her, like he was afraid to let her go."

I found this extra special slice of heaven to provide so much depth in the love between Jameson and Tate. (I mean the end of Reparation was fantastic!) Jameson takes Tate on a surprise trip to Hong Kong. She finds closure with her parents and a rebirth takes place. Hearing the tenderness in Jameson (which is such a contrast to his cranky/sexy persona) was such a delight!


There was more Ang and Sanders and even a little Nick to sweeten the read. The sex between Jameson and Tate is still smoking hot! Additionally, the heavy handed banter between the two main characters is once again unmatched by any other couple I have ever read!

“God, you're such a dick.” 
“Good thing you love dick.” 
“That's not even funny.” 
“Yes it is.” 

Jameson and Tate are perfect for one another!

"I wanted to save her. Took me all these years to figure it out, but even back then, I wanted to be her prince on a white horse."-Jameson 


I would love to say more about the content of this final installment but the truth is I wouldn't want to spoil a thing. I am at peace with how things ended between Jameson and Tate and I will be forever grateful to Ms. Fantome for creating such amazing characters. Her writing style is fluid and her characters are flawed to perfection. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my summer reading! I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a dark romance. P.S. The extra unedited scenes that Ms. Fantome shared with us made my smile even brighter! BRAVO! I am officially a "forever fan" and will read anything and everything that you write!

~This book was read in conduction with the INDIE STAR CHAT on SHH!
*This book was highly recommended by my SHH SISTA' CC!!! Thank you for always finding the hottest men and then sharing them with me!!!


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