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Elizabeth's Review~ Denying Ecstasy~ Setta Jay~ PRN Erotic Romance

4.5 Mate me NOW Stars!


Denying Ecstasy is the third installment in The Guardians of the Realms Series by the gifted Setta Jay. Although each book is centered on the mating of the two main characters, each individual book offers it's own unique idiosyncrasies. Rain and Dorian's story is one of redemption, passion, and love.


Rain is a strong willed Mageia (which is an evolved human that is compatible to be an Immortal's mate) and she is best friends with Alyssa. In the previous read (Ecstasy Claimed), Alyssa and Rain were relocated to the Immortal Guardians Manor in order to be protected from the "evil forces" who only want to cause them harm. While in the safety of the Guardians protection, Rain catches the eye of one of the guardians. She is confused by his interest because he seems to have such disdain for her. While she is reeling trying to figure out what is going on, Dorian is brooding. Why you ask? When Dorian touched Rain, he realized that she was his mate!


"If he hated the idea of mating her, then why chance touching her and pushing them into this situation? The ugly sting to her ego wasn't making the reality any less true."-Rain

Dorian has an ugly history with women. One touch and Dorian is ruined! Although he cannot deny the feelings he has for her, he feels unworthy of her. He feels damaged because of his past. He tries everything he can to get out of mating her.

"If she's good and worthy, then I'm the last male she deserves. She doesn't even need to know how screwed she could have been."-Dorain


Both Dorian and Rain experience severe side effects from being near each other and yet NOT being together. Rain struggles with feelings of rejection and hurt. Dorian internalizes his desire to be with Rain and his feelings of guilt over his past. Once Dorian decides he can't fight the pull of her any longer, all bets are off! Rain, beyond so frustrated, plays hard to get. (And so she should!)

"Are you saying you don't want me, nymph? Because your pussy is calling you a liar."-Dorian

"Oh, my body wants you. It's my mind that wants nothing to do with you, my little guppy."-Rain


The push and pull of these two is full of intense tension and release. I felt such adoration for both of these characters as they struggle their way through. When Dorian and Rain finally come together, the mating is in place and the passion is off the chart. 

"You're mine after this, Brianne. I won't ever settle for less."-Dorian

Not only do we witness the sweet redemption of Dorian but we experience the healing power that only Rain is able to offer him. These two are by far my favorite of the Guardian couples.  

"She was so small and vulnerable, and he would keep her safe. She was his now, and his beast loved it."-Dorian


Overall, Denying Ecstasy offers up a magical combination of action, powerful males, mystical creatures, evil forces, and off the charts steam! The characters in this series continue to develop and intertwine as the action continues to build at a steady pace. The characters are unique and complex. The conflicts are intense and are explored to the fullest. The POV shifts seamlessly between the two main characters. I am amazed at how immersed I am becoming in this world. Before taking the plunge into this series, be prepared for anything and everything when it comes to sex. The Guardians and their mates are not afraid to lavish in anything and everything between the sheets. (Who doesn't enjoy a little naughtiness in their read?) Anyone who is a fan of PRN that has not read this series yet is truly missing out. I am so thankful that I discovered this series. Of course I am already reading the next book! What will I do when I have finished them all?


~Arc given by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!!!

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