Sunday, August 9, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~Reparation~Stylo Fantome~ Contemporary Dark Romance


~5 Give me MORE Jameson STARS!!!~


"He had branded himself onto her soul. Like it or not, he was a part of her, and she was a part of him."-Tate

Reparation is the third book in The Kane Trilogy. We have witnessed the explosion that takes place between Tate and Jameson every time they are together. We have witnessed the destruction of their demise. We have witnessed the beauty of restoration when Jameson and Tate made their way back together. But is Tate really healed? Can Jameson keep her close and content? Is hot rough sex enough? What about love?


After making a horrible discovery about her best friend, Tate begins to plot her plan for revenge. She has been betrayed and now someone is going to have to pay. Although she works diligently to just be ok, Sanders, and Ang know that there is something terribly wrong. And Jameson is stirring feelings in her that terrifies her.

“He'll never love me back. I can't ..., that would be it. Game over. He would own me. I didn't want to like him. When this all started, remember? I just wanted to play. You told me not to lose my heart. What happened?”-Tate


Jameson is battling internally over his feelings for Tate. He knows that she has changed him. He no longer wants the "easy screw" from some random stranger. He wants Tate. Just Tate. When that realization takes place, he is shocked at himself. The only lingering question is~ does Tate want only him?

"I didn't want this, I wasn't looking for this, this isn't what I asked for. I wanted someone to play with, not someone for keeps. You changed the game on me.”-Jameson

As the plot continues to develop, the stakes are high. Tate tries to hurt the people she loves and yet only ends up hurting herself. When a certain ex-lover of Jameson's returns on the scene to stir the pot, all hell breaks loose! Tate does what she does best and she runs!


Can Jameson find the strength in himself to go and bring her back? Will Tate end up in the arms of another man simply because he is a "safe" choice?

“I want to be with you. I want you to be with me. What else do you want!? Do you want me to beg?"-Jameson

The journey that takes place in this series has been unforgettable. The colors of emotions that Ms. Fantome seamlessly paints on every page will leave you breathless. These two main characters are like the perfect opposites that together just fit right. Just when you feel like you cannot take another second of tension, the action snaps and you feel an immediate release! 


This series has a perfect story arc with a well developed beginning, middle, and end. The character development is complex and layered over the conflict like texture on a masterpiece painting. The transformation that Tate and Jameson make is full of so much depth.  

“Jameson. No one will ever be able to make me forget you.”-Tate


Overall, I simply cannot rave enough about Reparation and the entire series. The characters really resonated with me as a reader. I tend to live happily on the fringe of dark romance with a HEA! Jameson and Tate did not disappoint. Thank you Ms. Fantome for your work. I look forward to reading more! Now on to complete my review for the final book (of course, I have already read it and love it!!!).  

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