Monday, August 24, 2015

The Paper Swan~ Leylah Attar~ Contemporary Romance


~4.5 Take My Breath Away STARS~

"Are we ever able to truly understand the 'why' or do we simply yearn for labels and boxes to organize the chaos we can't control."

The Paper Swan is my first Leylah Attar read and what a debut it was! I entered this read having no idea what to expect! Imagine my sheer delight when I was swept away into a story with depth, heart, passion, and truly endearing characters. This story is told in dual POV and the time shifts seamlessly between the present and the past.  


Skye is a wealthy young woman living the high life. Although materialist things keep her occupied, she only has her father in her life and a few precious memories form her childhood. When she was young, she had a very special nanny named MaMaLu and a best friend named Esteban (MaMaLu's Son). As our story begins, Skye finds herself in a truly terrifying situation and she is desperate to find her way out. 

"My life was set to be a series of standing ovations: graduation, wedding, a house worthy of being showcased in a slick magazine, two perfect kids. Yet here I was, on my knees, a sack over my head, the cold barrel of a gun against the base of my skull."-Skye


Damian is a man on a mission. His mission is vengeance, pain, and death. He has been robbed of all happiness and left emotionally bankrupt. Skye is exactly what he needs to make everything wrong in his life right again. He will not stop until he collects on the debt.

"Friends aren't forever. Everything will break. People say goodbye. Get too close and you get hurt."

Skye and Damian have a very volatile relationship at first. They are caught in an emotional battle for control over one another. They must navigate through the murky waters of pain and dissapointment. Damian wants revenge and Skye wants him to find redemption. Will they be able to find a way? Eventually the walls are torn down and what is left is what I like to call a beautiful disaster!  

"Damian had thieving, stealing contraband eyes, and when they fell on my mouth, they robbed me of all breath and thought."-Skye


Honestly, I simply cannot tell you any more about this book. You just have to go in with an open mind and an open heart. The writing is flawless and beautiful. I felt like the rich character development really enhanced this read because I had a clear picture of each character. I could envision what they looked like and I could certainly feel the emotions they were experiencing. Without a doubt, I felt connected to the story and invested in the future of Skye and Damian. The shifting POV really helped understand the history behind the actions of Damian. When everything is revealed, the plot still continues to twist and turn. I felt like the action was intense but not overtly violent. The passion between Damian and Skye is truly a heart stopper. Additionally, there are many life lessons to be discovered in this read. I love the feeling when I walk away from a book and take pieces away with me!  

"We are a question that hasn't been answered yet, a hiding place that hasn't been found yet, a battle that hasn't been fought yet."


Overall, I highly recommend this read to friends who enjoy a bit of a mystery with their read. The Paper Swan is a passionate love story that will leave you wanting more! I know that my description has been vague and yet, I simply cannot say it don't want to ruin the reveal of this story. Just trust me when I say, you will not want to put this down. I am so excited to have discovered another writer to follow. Well done Ms. Attar! I will certainly be investing in more of your books! 

"In the grand scheme of things, we do the best we can, all of us, and we make up our stories as we go along; we write them and direct them and project them into the world. And sometimes we get other people's stories and sometimes we don't; but always there is a story behind a story behind a story, linked in a chain that we can only see a small part of, because it' there when we're born and it continues, after we're gone."

~This was a special BR with my girls at Shh... ! Thanks for another amazing BR ladies!~ 

~ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.~


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