Sunday, August 9, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Piercing Ecstasy~ Setta Jay~ PRN Erotic Romance


"She felt so much love she couldn't move, could barely breathe."-Ileana


Piercing Ecstasy is the 5th book in the Immortal Guardian Series. In this book we finally get to know "the broody bad boy guardian" JAX! A rogue god is on the loose and the Guardians are on the hunt to chase him down and keep peace in the realms.

Jax has the reputation for being the "man whore in the bunch". (Keep in mind they are all highly charged sexual beings so that is saying a lot!) He has never had a problem keeping a harem of women at his beckon call. But when Dacia's sister fell hard for him he knew that although she wasn't his, his mate was out there somewhere. He decides to try and change his ways. When he is called out on protection duty, suddenly he scents his mate. The attraction is immediate and he cannot control himself.


Ileana has always taken care of herself and lived a solitary life as a ghost. She is a warrior. After loosing her parents at young age, she has had to be strong. Although the attraction to her mate is explosive, she isn't willing to give up her mission to avenge her parents. She doesn't mind having a little fun but giving herself completely to another person terrifies her.

"You. Are. Mine. This is for f*cking eternity, and I take this sh*t seriously."- Jax


Because of the great transformation of both of the main characters, I found I enjoyed this read even more than the others in the series. I really loved both Ileana and Jax equally. They were both unique and strong as individuals and together they were a mighty force. I love the transformation that each character takes. Jax must learn to cope with having a strong mate at his side and Ileana has to learn to depend on someone else (other than just herself).

"Love seemed a week description of what they had, so the words didn't matter to him."


In true Setta Jay fashion, the passion between these two is off the charts. I especially appreciated the way that their mating ceremony took place. It was different from the others in the series and I found it to be beautifully intimate. We continue to explore the lives of the other Guardians and evil is always right around the corner. The search for Apollo brings extra intensity and adventure to the read. Once again, I found myself immersed in a different world.

Overall, Piercing Ecstasy is one fantastic read! I simply cannot say it this series NOW! Each book offers a beautiful story full of exotic locations, strong alpha males and their adventurous mates! You will be so glad that you did. Now, on to the next book! I have to know what will happen next!


~ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!~

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