Sunday, August 9, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Binding Ecstasy~ Setta Jay~ PRN Erotic Romance


4.5 Action Packed STEAMY READ!!!!

"I'm going to carry you, Psihi Mou. I love having you in my arms too much not to."-Bastian


Binding Ecstasy is another home run for the PRN Romance Genre! I started this series about a week ago and I just can't seem to get enough! This read had double the action, double the matings, and double the fun!

The hunt for Apollo is on and Bastian is in the heat of the search. Drake (their leader) is working at half capacity as he is grieving over his sick mate. As Bastian is on patrol, he visits a popular sex club and the scent hits him hard. Although it takes him a while to identify his mate, when he sees her he immediately stakes his claim.

"Can you take the animal in me, or do you want the gentle lover this first time, Psihi Mou?"-Bastian


Natasha and her sister own the club and are also frantically searching for Apollo. They want to kill him for all of the pain that he had brought upon them when they were young. Just as they are working to make their escape and pursue the god, Bastian enters the club and claims every inch of Natasha.

"You're my other half, Psihi Mou."-Bastian

The other Guardians are unsure of Natasha and her twin sister because of their strong powers. They have been living their lives in hiding and trying to shield the fact that they too are Immortals. Bastian makes it his mission to ease Natasha's worries and bring her safely into the Immortal Guardian fold.


Compared to the previous books, I found that there is more action in this book. The tension in the series has been building up to this point. I am thoroughly invested in each of the Guardians and their mates and this book seemed to bring everything to an explosive level! Bastian is definitely the most "dominant" of the Guardians and the extra sliver of BDSM LIGHT really added to the passion between Natasha and Bastian.  

"She felt more a part of something than she ever had."-Natasha


Overall, Binding Ecstasy has left me on the edge of my seat. Now I will be  stalking following Setta Jay's page as I anxiously await the release of the next book in the series. I have to know...will Drake and Delia find a way to be together? Will Alyssa be ok? What will happen with Apollo? This series is so addictive. I cannot wait for more! Bravo Ms. Jay! Bravo!


~ARC graciously provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!!!~


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