Sunday, August 16, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Insidious~ Aleatha Romig~ Contemporary Psychological Romance


~5 Mind Blown Stars~ 


"I’d lost my body and soul, but I’d secured my sister’s future."

Insidious is the first book in Aleatha Romig's Tales from the Dark Side. After reading her Consequences Series, I became an instant fan of her work. Although I had heard Insidious was dark and mysterious, I assure you nothing could have prepared me for this unforgettable story. Days after reading/listening to this book, I am still in a state of shock and (a bit) in a state of melancholy. I highly recommend entering this read blind. Therefore, I will do my best to analyze the characters, the mood, and writing style of the book without giving anything away. So take my advice and grab a friend and dive into the dark side!

"The memories of him at the end won’t tarnish the other years.” Quite the opposite."


Victoria is a strong woman who is married to a wealthy business man named Stewart. As this tale begins, we learn that Stewart's health is failing. Because Victoria and Stewart signed a contract when they wed, Victoria is insistent on finding a way to ensure her best interests are secured "if or when" Stewart passes. The only problem is she doesn't know who she can trust. Victoria's life is not at all what it seems.  


Brody is the handsome young attorney that works in the firm that represents Victoria's ailing husband. Brody is comforting and passionate about his feelings for Victoria. He recognizes that things aren't quite what they seem in Victoria's life. Can he be the one to protect her and keep her safe?

Travis is Stewart's confidant and right hand man. He and Victoria have always shared a disdain for one another. What will happen to Travis if or when Steward passes? Why is Stewart insistent on keeping Travis grounded in Victoria's life?


"I wanted a life: a normal life. A wishful smile came to my face. Could I ever have a normal life?" 

Insidious has a complex plot full of twists and turns. It is a yin yang of intense highs and shattering lows. Facts are dispersed faster than can be processed and your mind is scrambling to catch up while your heart is being ripped into shreds. Who can you trust? What is good might not always be what is right. The tempo is fast paced and the sexual elements are (at points) intoxicating and (on other occasions) revolting. The story is told predominantly in the present however, Ms. Romig shifts seamlessly into Victoria's past. These moments are critical to the understanding of the story. Throughout the read one solitary question remains, who can you trust?  


"I want to taste that freedom, to drink it."

Overall, I highly recommend Insidious to any reader who relishes a psychological challenge. If you don't mind your boundaries being pressed to the point of breaking, then this is a read for you. Ms. Romig had me on the edge of my seat the entire read. Had it not been for a good friend (that had already read the book) encouraging me throughout the read, I don't know for sure if I would have been able to complete it. Now that it is over, I am so glad that I did. The voice actors featured in the audio read were dramatic and had clear articulation throughout the read. My only warning to a person listening to the audio version of this read is to be cognizant of the facts. There is a lot going on and you won't want to forget anything. This is a unique book where everyone walks away with something different. Whatever differences of opinions this book might transpire, one thing remains~ anyone who reads this book will be changed. When it comes to an insidious tale from the dark side, Ms. Romig is the QUEEN!~  


~Special thanks to my good friend CC for being my lifeline while reading this book. Before you dive into this read, make sure you have a trusty friend by your side!~

~Audible ARC graciously provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.~



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