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Elizabeth's Review~ Ecstasy Unbound~ Setta Jay~ PRN Erotica Romance


4 "Ecstasy Guaranteed" Stars

Ecstasy Unbound is a paranormal romance full of erotica, action, and romance. Setta Jay has created a magical world full of vampires, guardians, dragonesque creatures, and more unearthly beings! I thoroughly enjoyed every second that I spent exploring this world.


"The Creators had charged him and the eleven others with watching over and protecting the Four Realms of this world."

Uri is a Guardian and is charged with keeping the earth realm under control. He does that by hunting hell beasts and keeping humans in check. Uri has a big problem. He has been lusting after an Immortal named Alex.  

"He wondered if it was the impossibility of the whole thing with his little Goddess that made it somehow hotter. The itch he had for her was a damned obsession."-Uri

Although they have never spoken, She has sought him out time after time in the various clubs he visits. Alex is a voyeur of sorts. She has no problem watching him. Although she wants to be with him, she is destined to stay away. If she were to ever approach a Guardian, she risks being banished from her home in the Human Realm.

Alex has many powers. She frequently transports herself into the minds of others who are in need. Alex and her two brothers are on a mission to help humans and keep them safe from the supernatural powers that surround them. When one of their "rescue missions" turns complicated, Alex knows she must risk banishment and approach Uri for help.


When Uri and Alex meet, they are instantly connected through the "mate bond". The passion is intense between the two. Alex and Uri together was simply amazing!

"What was happening to her? Breathe through it. She knew in some fundamental part of her being that she needed Uri, that he was the only one that could take the pain away."-Alex


What is refreshing in this read is that neither character fights their attraction to one another. They both come together beautifully and begin to forge an unbreakable relationship. All they have to do is merge their two families (Guardians and Immortals), help rescue a human girl (in dire need), and continue to keep the balance between the realms safe from turmoil. No problem! Right?

Overall, Esctasty Unbound was a solid 4 star read for me. Meaning, I enjoyed the read the entire time, I was invested in the characters and cared for their well being. There was quite a bit of information covered in this first book. At first, I felt quite overwhelmed however, I feel that Ms. Jay's smooth dialogue and constant reinforcement of the elements helped maintain a consistency in the read. I felt this was a unique paranormal romance because there were so many diverse creatures in this world.  


"The races sought pleasure in any incarnation they desired."

Before you pick up this book, I feel I should prepare you for the extra curricular "sexy scenes" featured in this read. There is quite a steamy scene at the beginning of the read and later towards the end of the book involving multiple players. To be fair, I am relatively new to the erotica romance genre. (I know this is shocking to some of you)! I found the first scene was quite erotic and properly set the mysterious/sexually charged tone of the book. In other words, things start right off the bat with a bang. However, for me, I didn't quite connect with the last scene because I like my couples to just be together.  However, I feel like Ms. Jay was establishing the raw truths of Alex and Uri life in a different world. They would most definitely experience things that would be far from our norm.  


The sexual element in this read was full of high octane. I definitely felt like it challenged my comfort zone regarding sex with multiple partners and people (menage trois). I can't say that it detracted my overall impression of the book but it certainly affected my overall feelings regarding the main characters simply because I just couldn't understand it. It was nice and steamy and yet, a different experience for me. Upon further research, I have discovered there will be more of this "sexual exploration" in the upcoming books in the series. Because I am completely invested in these characters, I am willing to go the distance and continue reading. If anything, this series will continue to challenge me. To that I say, bring it on!

I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys the paranormal romance genre. This book is definitely in a league of its own.  


~ARC graciously received via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.~

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