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Elizabeth's Review~ Separation~ Stylo Fantome~ Contemporary Dark Romance


~5 Doesn't Get Better Than This Stars.....~


"That someone who caused her so much pain, could bring her so much pleasure, just wasn't right. Wasn't fair. His lips were soft, almost gentle, and made to fit her own."-Tate

Separation is the second book in the Kane Trilogy. This book picks up immediately where Degradation left us hanging (Thank you Ms. Fantome!). Tate and Jameson have run their relationship straight off of a cliff. Does Jameson have the strength to pull Tate back in?


Through her relationship with Jameson, Tate has experienced joy, pain, pleasure, and even love. After the way things ended, I wondered if Tate would be able to find herself again. Tate is completely broken. She gathers the courage to tear Jameson away from her life and tries to start again.

Tate finds solace in Sanderson and Ang. She even works to repair her relationship with her sister. And yet, she is missing something. Through giving up Jameson, she has lost a huge piece of herself in the process. 

"Why can't I lead a nice, normal life?"-Tate


Jameson, feeling something that he can't quite identify, is willing to walk away from Tate. Or, is he?

"While he had been so busy trying to warn her away, he hadn't even noticed himself falling into her. Now Jameson couldn't tell where she began and he ended."-Jameson 


Through the help of Sanders, Jameson is able to coerce Tate into playing one more game. Can he truly win her back? If he does win her back, will he be able to keep her?

"His voice was like silk, smooth and strong. Flowing over her. Covering her. Strangling her. She had to get out of there. Tate couldn't look at him. It split her in half. Her brain knew one thing. Her heart recognized another. And good god, her body was completely mutinous."


Stylo Fantome has done it again. She has managed to craft a story with deeply intense characters, dysfunctional (functional for them) relationships, a driving plot, maximum steam, and all set center stage with a beautiful scenic backdrop. Her writing style is fluid and natural and stock full of witty banter. The intensity between Tate and Jameson balances between "what is norm" and what is considered "toxic" to the average observer. Despite controversial choices of our two main characters, I find them both to be utterly perfect. I enjoyed wallowing in the depths of despair and soaring high through the moments of triumph with them. This certainly is not your average romance and yet the "push and pull" between these two characters displays more tenderness than any romance novel I have read to date.  

"Tate couldn't get enough. She had always been an addict, and he was a drug. She wanted more. More than that, more than he was giving. All that he had to give."-Tate


Overall, this series is a creative genius. It is as if you are listening to an award winning orchestra. Through the painful moments the music crescendos into blazingly loud volumes and it decrescendos to a beautiful melody when Tate and Jameson find solace in one another.  


If you read the first book and enjoyed it, than I can guarantee you will enjoy this book even more. There is more Tate and Jameson fighting to find their way together. Enhanced with a cast of amazing supporting characters and you have another home run!  

"If necessary, he would probably kill for Jameson Kane. If asked, he would probably die for Tatum O'Shea. When the relationship between Jameson and Tatum."-Sanders

Can't chat anymore about this book because I am already on to the next one!  

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*This book was highly recommended by my SHH SISTA' CC!!!


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