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Elizabeth's Review~ Tyrant~ T.M. Frazier~ Contemporary Action Romance



"She owned me. Heart and black f**king soul." -King


Tyrant is the long awaited follow up to T.M. Frazier's KING which was released earlier this summer. King is a read that brought me straight to my knees. It's no secret that after King was released (and consumed), kindles were crashing, hearts were breaking, tears were falling, and alcohol consumption was at a high. How could it end with such a heartbreaking cliffhanger? I can personally attest to the torment my heart was feeling upon finishing KING. Whatever disease ate away at my heart, Tyrant was and is the cure! TYRANT was able to relieve any and all fears, heal all hurts, answer every question, and allow my heart to succumb to more tenderness than I ever thought possible from the infamous "bad boy" King!


King is in the clutches of a lawman and is being taken away. Doe is with her father "the senator" and, unbeknownst to her, she is a mother. Both main characters are thrust into the unknown. Both are experiencing the pain of being torn apart. Can they ever find their way back together after so much destruction?

"I kept telling myself I didn't have anything to offer her, but that wasn't true. I had love."-King

It takes King about one hot second to realize that he is in a bad situation. He grapples to find a way out. As he breaks away from the strongholds, he recognizes that he should have never made a deal with the devil.

"He took my girl. He wanted to take my life. His payment would be in blood."-King


Doe is in a state of confusion. When we first met her, she had no memory of who she was. Then she was consumed with KING and found peace in his arms. Now she is thrust back into the murky waters of the unknown. She fears the memories of her past. She questions her future. She doesn't know who she can trust. Doe now has her family and friends to help her find her way. Instead of finding answers, more questions weigh her down and she begins to feel like she is drowning. The lingering memory of King haunts her like a spirit that won't fly away.


"There was only one person whose very presence could quiet my overwhelmingly loud fear of the dark. King"-Doe

As the plot thickens, tension is high. King and Bear must battle the devils of their past and Doe must face the devils of her present. All while grieving the loss of their friend and feeling the pain of not being together. Can King and Doe find peace in each other's arms again? How did Doe loose her memory in the first place? Can we truly find peace after such a torrential storm?

"You can be pissed off and still love someone at the same time."-Doe


Tyrant is one action packed read full of passion, lust, desire, love, and tenderness. The characters are complex and thoroughly developed throughout. Each moment is set with precision and carried out with detail rich in colors. The ownership that King and Doe share for each other is unsurpassable by all of their enemies. I was clearly taken by the book from the first page but as the journey begins to really take off, I was unable to put the book down. Each twist and turn held me captive. The desperation I felt for both King and Doe was intense and felt deeply! With every question that was answered, a new question was asked. The story arc was well crafted with a complete beginning, middle, and end. It is unknown how T.M Frazier is able to break me and put me back together again and again. I only know that I look forward to every time she does it.  

"This. You. This is everything."-King


Overall, I highly recommend both King and Tyrant to anyone who enjoys a dirty and dark romance full of passion and tenderness. I was moved by both the individual and collective stories of King and Doe. Additionally, the ever present supporting characters continue to bring humor and joy throughout. The sexual chemistry between King and Doe is erotic and the love they share for each other is truly the heartbeat of their story. I was beyond pleased to see some of my favorite T.M. characters resurface in Tyrant. It was a beautiful reminder that they are still living and breathing and happy. I simply cannot rave enough about the action, suspense, and mystery in this read. Simply put, Tyrant does not disappoint. As for Ms. Frazier, I am in awe of her mad writing skills and my kindle and I are anxiously awaiting for more. Bring it!

"I will always find my way back to you , baby. Always."-King

~ARC graciously provided by TRSOR Promotions in exchange for an honest review publisher in exchange for an honest review!~


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