Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ The Waltz~ Sexual Awakenings (Book 1)~Angelica Chase~ Contemporary Erotic Romance


~4 Sultry Stars~


"Come on Violet, divorce is not death and you’ve got a lot of living to do."

The Waltz is the first in a four part novella series by the outrageously talented Angelica Chase. Not only is this series sexy but the writing is well executed through the detailed plot, well developed characters, and the steady pacing set throughout the series.

"A year straight of eating alone will do that to a woman. I opted for another night of wine and my vibrator."-Violet


Violet is in a failing marriage. Devoid of both physical and emotional connection with her husband, she is headed straight towards the land of divorce. Her husband has been cheating on her and her life seems desolate. Violet decides to take control and explore the possibilities. She finds herself on a restricted website and she makes a connection with a Dom named Rhys.


"I had waited long enough. My body was starving for touch, my lips bankrupt from a lack of kisses. While a relationship didn’t appeal to me, at least not immediately, the thought of a good hard f**k made me insane with want. Not that I’d ever been satisfied sexually."-Violet

When Rhys and Violet meet she is intrigued, inspired, and literally brought back to life. The sexual connection between the two is off the charts. Because Violet is experiencing everything for the first time, as a reader, we experience the "magic of the first time" right along with her!


"I was sure it was showing in my face. It had been so long since I felt this type of affection, since I was this full, this appreciated, this … happy. I wanted it to last."-Violet

Rhys and Violet together is like magic! The two have instant chemistry and they both quickly realize there might just be more developing between the two than sex!  


However, as you can guess, the water isn't smooth sailing between Rhys and Violet. They both have secrets that are bound to tear them apart. This book ends in a cliffy- so have the second book loaded and ready to go.

"RHYS: The Barracks. One hour. RED."

Overall, I found this book to be an enticing introduction to this deliciously erotic series. Ms. Chase has the technical writing skills of a goddess! She meticulously weaves a story full of steamy sex with a complex plot. Rhys and Violet are both likable, witty, and passionate characters that I cannot help to want more of! On to the next one! 


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