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Elizabeth's Review~ Best Laid Plans~ Stylo Fantome~ Contemporary Action Romance

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"Never be scared. I never want you to be scared, ever again."-Marc

Lights, camera, action! Every time I sit down to read a STYLO book I experience the same anticipation I feel before watching a well staged play or a blockbuster movie! The anticipation is always great because I know I am in store for one fantastic ride. Best Laid Plans far exceeded my expectations by the colorful characters, detailed plot, off the charts passion, and intense action. The only question on my mind at this point is, how am I going to wait patiently like a good girl for the next book to be released? 


Lily and Marc are both living "undercover" in Liberia. They both are leading different lives and they both work for bad men. Marc is a freelance contractor. He is called in to get a job done quickly and then get out. Simple! However, when he meets Lily, a transporter, at the safe house he is living in nothing is so simple anymore. Lily and Marc share a night of passion before fate deals a "doozy" of a hand to them both!


Lily has been living this life in order to seek revenge. She is insistent on following through with her plans. When she and Marc get tangled up in a wild web of lies, it is unknown if they will end up killing each other or be lost forever in the rapture of passion. 


Marc has just completed a major heist when he becomes a pawn in the mafia's plans. He suspects Lily of being involved with his demise. When Marc realizes how deeply entrenched Lily is, he immediately comes at her "guns a blazing"! The only problem is, Lily is no one to be messed with. 

"Men were the worst. Men could do whatever they wanted. Men were not to be trusted."-Lily

She is full of fire and she certainly isn't afraid of some mercenary (even if he is one hot lover beneath the sheets). To put it plainly, Lily is quite the bad ass! Marc recognizes right away that he has his hands full with this girl.


"What had turned strawberry shortcake into a fighting machine that did dirty work for a Russian Bratva?"-Marc


As the plot thickens, the action intensifies and neither Marc nor Lily know who they can trust. 

"Why are you being so nice to me?"-Lily

"Because I don't want to drag a dead body in this heat. 
Keep moving."-Marc

They only known factors are they have feelings for one another and an undeniable attraction to get to know each other as intimately as possible. And yet, surely it is a bad idea to explore that avenue together.

"No sex. Not between us. Not ever again."-Lily


Will Lily be able to get her revenge? Will Marc be able to clear his name? Or will they kill each other before they make it to their destination? And most importantly, can they keep their vow to stay away from each other?

"His voice was soft and simple, and it wasn't exactly poetry, but it caused a pain in her chest. Like he wasn't used to seeing beautiful things. Like she was a gift."


"Only you. Only your eyes."-Marc

Overall, Best Laid Plans is a perfect blend of action, romance, mystery, and suspense. I thoroughly enjoy a read that keeps me engaged and invested the entire time. This action romance kept me on the edge of my seat through each gun fight, car chase, car jacking, and, as I have already mentioned, the steamy sex! Not only is the plot well written (and developed), the characters are complex, gritty, likable and yet (just like I like them) full of flaws. This naturalistic approach to writing makes Ms. Fantome a must read in my book. The text flows between the pages at a fast pace and yet, the tender moments were like a suspended melody constantly battling the upbeat tempo of the action. This magical mixture will keep you engaged the entire read. I simply cannot rave enough about this book. What is most outstanding about this author is her versatility. She is consistently willing to step "out of the box" and commit fully to whatever she writes. I simply cannot wait for more Lily and Marc! To Ms. Fantome, I say "BRING IT!". 

~This was another heart stopping BR with my girls from Shh...! Thanks ladies!~

~ARC generously given by author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you Stylo Fantome for sharing your work with me!~


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