Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~The Tango~Sexual Awakenings (Book 2)~ Angelica Chase~ Contemporary Erotic Romance


~4 Give Me More Stars~


"Normal was an illusion, and every single person on earth had flaws and idiosyncrasies, no matter how well they were hidden."-Violet 


The Tango is the second installment in a four part novella series Sexual Awakenings. In the Waltz, we met Violet and Rhys. Violet is desperate to get out of her broken marriage and explore her sexual desires and Rhys is a Dom who happens to have fallen directly into Vi's path. The two shared a dangerous dance of seduction as feelings began to seep into their sexually charged relationship. When secrets were revealed at the conclusion of The Waltz, the dance stopped. Now Rhys is back and the rhythm of the dance will change drastically!

"I’d been too slow in leaving my worthless husband, who was now completely out of my life, divorce pending."-Vi

Vi has been a bad girl! Rhys caught her in a big lie and the deception has torn them apart. Rhys is completely barren when it comes to his emotional feelings for Vi. However, he is sexually charged and has decided to take Vi up on her original offer to be educated in all things sexual and free! When Vi shows up for her punishment, the pain and pleasure is almost more than she can take! 

"God, that whole experience was incredible. And if loving it made me a freak, so be it; I had walked into the land of misfits and fit right in. I loved the power that man exuded. His influence over me, with only a gesture or one word command, was mind blowing. Without hesitation, I would do anything he asked. I trusted him, even though I had never seen him so angry."-Violet 


"I either had to accept my fate as his new RED playmate, or move on. This was a dangerous game. My heart was involved."-Vi

The sexual chemistry between the two continues to build as both Vi and Rhys battle their urge to cling to emotions. But when something significant happens to Vi, all bets are off. Rhys breaks down and the tenderness he feels for her begins to spill over.  


Just when you think these two have their dance cards straight another secret cuts in and the dance stops once again.  

“I’m just the crazy lady on the porch with her heart in her hand looking completely idiotic with a plant… again,”-Vi

Overall, I found The Tango to be even more sexually charged than The Waltz. Rhys' passion for making Vi pay turns into a desire deep in his soul to keep her for something more. Violet is discovering so much more about who she is and who she wants to be. The plot development is intricate, the characters are complex, and the sex scenes are off the chain! Another great installment by the fabulous Ms. Chase! Now on to the next! 

~Special thanks to my sista' CC for this fantastic series recommendation!~


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