Thursday, August 6, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~TYED~L.J.SHEN~Contemporary Fighter Romance

4.5 Tyed to TY stars

"You're wasting your time, Barbie. I'm not giving you up."-Ty


Tyed is a heart pumping riveting tale of an MMA fighter and America's Sweetheart. It is full of action, tension, passion, tenderness, and romance. The story of Ty and Blaire is not your conventional fighter story. The writing is quick and witty and the in-depth characterization will have you hooked from the first word on the first page.


Blaire is a good girl just trying to finish her college degree. She has spent her life in the shadow of her twin sister Izzy. Izzy is a supermodel and seems to do no wrong in the eyes of their parents. Blaire, on the other hand, hasn't been able to finish anything. She is currently stuck in a rut and unable to feel passionate about anything. She finds medial comfort in her best friend Shane but overall, she is just waiting for something. Although, she really doesn't know what that something is. 

"What am I doing with my life?"
"I want to feel as passionate about something as they do."
"I want to feel fulfilled and alive like them."-Blaire

When her journalism teacher gives her an unconventional assignment, that something will walk straight into her arms. All she has to do is interview some MMA fighters and write paper on her findings. No problem, right?


Ty is an MMA fighter. He is rough, tough, and full of tattoos. 

"Final verdict? Ugliest tattoo to ever be inked on human flesh, but Ty somehow pulls it off without looking like a serial killer. The guy as such an attraction to death that I'm surprised he is still alive."
"Figures. Sucks to be him, or anyone else with a dick in this room, for that matter. Talk about alpha-male dominance."-Blaire

When Blaire steps foot into his gym, their initial meeting includes some verbal head butting and then the sexual tension begins. Blaire begins to immerse herself in the MMA world. As a non-sports loving individual, Blaire has a lot to learn. For the sake of research, she begins to train with the athletes. It doesn't take Ty long to make his first move on Blaire.


Initially, Blaire is hesitant to spend time with Ty. She knows that he is bad news. However, in order to complete her paper she must get that one interview. Ty uses the interview as bait to get her to agree on one date with him.

"I'm positive that if I'd let my guard down, he will crush me. Just like he does in the ring."-Blaire

As Blaire and Ty begin to connect, it is evident that these two were made for each other. Ty is so tender with Blaire. Their connection was sweet, passionate, and so endearing. I truly enjoyed every moment of these two together! However, the road to romance is full of roadblocks. Ty is harboring secrets and Blaire is very self conscious of his previous attachment to woman. Additionally, Shane seems to be showing interest in Blaire OR is he just harboring feelings that he doesn't know how to control? When Izzy returns home from jet setting, the conflicts seem to be never-ending. Can Ty and Blaire make things work between them?


What is so refreshing about this read is the funny dialogue between the characters and Blaire's internal monologue! I couldn't stop smiling with all of the pop references and the imagery that the writing evoked. I was quite fond of all of the secondary characters as well. Blaire's grandmother was a show stopper with her unwavering support for her granddaughter.  

"Nanny Marty always tells me I'm a lot like her. Independent, stubborn and fundamentally bat shit crazy."

Additionally, I cannot fail to mention the interest that I have in exploring Ty's friends from the gym. Who doesn't like a good book about a hot athlete?  

At times, I got very frustrated with Blaire. There was a certain point in the story where I felt like she really made the wrong decision. It was annoying and quite frankly painful for me to read. However, I cannot allow that moment to tarnish my overall feelings of her character. It was a gentle reminder that we all make mistakes in life and especially with the people we love. In the end, it was the redemption that both Ty and Blaire needed that brought them back together.  


I simply cannot rave enough about this book. The writing style of Ms. Shen is fluid and the moments are carefully constructed to draw every emotion out of each scene. The action of the cage fighting was surreal and I felt like I was in the stands experiencing every punch, kick, and jab. Even though I felt frustration regarding some of the actions of some of the characters, I know it will only make the resolution down the road that much sweeter! I can only wait and look forward to more! I know that I have enjoyed a book when I feel all of the emotions come back when I go to write the review. I also know that there are a million books out there. If you love a rough tattooed fighting hero then you must add this to your TBR shelf right now. This is one amazing book.  


ARC received from author in exchange for honest review. Thank you L.J. Shen for sharing your work with me.

BR with my girls Loyda and Stacie. As always, it has been a pleasure sharing the joys of reading with my friends!

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