Friday, August 14, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Curtains~ Sexual Awakenings (Book 4)~ Angelica Chase~ Contemporary Erotic Romance




"She's everything I've ever wanted."-Rhys 

Curtains is the fourth and final novella in the Sexual Awakenings Series. Each book has been engaging and the main characters have transformed significantly from the first book. We have seen Violet overcome her failed marriage and become a sexually charged creature that is not afraid to live life to the fullest. We have been with Rhys as he came to the realization that he is a Dom but he is also worthy of love.  


After the Last Dance, the central conflict in the series has now reared it's ugly head. The characters are reeling and the future is suddenly unknown. Violet runs away in order to lick her wounds and try to give herself space from Rhys. The problem is Rhys has already consumed every piece of her heart and she really can't run away from him. Can Rhys and Vi finally find a way to make their dance work?

RHYS: Talk to me, Violet.

VIOLET: And exactly whom would I be talking to today? 

RHYS: You don’t want me to give up any more than I’m willing to. 

VIOLET: Maybe you should ignore that fact. I can’t trust you, Rhys. 

RHYS: Maybe you could if you would stop f**king running away from me. 

VIOLET: Maybe I would if you would stop f**king lying to me.


"And still I loved him. It was way too late to save myself from it."-Violet

The Sexual Awakenings Series is simply fantastic! It is erotica writing at it's best. What I find to be most appealing about this series is the manner in which Ms. Chase adds depth to her characters while keeping the sexy scenes "very sexy". In other words, this series is more than just the sex! There is complex character development, intense conflict, and "true to life moments" that will break you and heal you at the same time. The text is fluid and the tempo of the books are steady throughout. I have always been intrigued by BDSM Dom/Sub relationships and this series is BDSM writing at it's best. I never once felt uncomfortable or nervous for Violet. I only felt passion and love for both of the main characters. The dual POV seamlessly switches back and forth allowing the reader the freedom to experience the depth of feelings each character lives through. I should mention there was a little bit of "extra drama" in this installment. However, it was a reasonable timeline for Violet to realize what the rest of us have known from the beginning! Rhys and Violet are practically perfect for each other! 

Overall, I cannot rave enough about this series. If you enjoy a well written contemporary erotica romance, then Sexual Awakenings is the series for you. If you love a strong male character and a female lead working towards a transformation, then this series is for you. This was my first Angelica Chase series and I assure you it will not be my last. Although the dance may be over, this reader is already hoping for an encore! Bravo Ms. Chase! Bravo!


"My love and devotion now came with a price: honesty, loyalty and everything in between. I would get as good as I gave and I would never settle for less, ever again."-Violet

~Special thanks to my sista' CC for this fantastic series recommendation!~


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