Sunday, August 9, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~Ecstasy Claimed~ Setta Jay~ PRN Erotic Romance

4.5 Fantastic STARS

"Mates~Each Immortal has a rare and destined mate, their powers meld and they become stronger pairs that are able to procreate, usually after a decade."

After reading Ecstasy Claimed, it appears that I have discovered another PRN Series that I am dying to swallow up. The characters are magically enhanced with super powers, they are passionate about their mates, they are loyal to their friends, and they have one goal and that is to protect themselves and the human realm from evil.


Alyssa is a sheltered Immortal who has been kept hidden and safely secured from the world by her doting parents. She has one best friend who keeps her grounded and entertained. When Alyssa discovers that she has a mate who has not claimed her, she is devastated.  

"Was she an embarrassment to him? He had to have some basis not to come for her. He didn't want her. Screw that."-Alyssa

Instead of wallowing in a hole, she decides that she needs to venture out into the world in order to "sew her wild oats". She and her best friend Rain take off for a magical island where "anything" goes!


Meanwhile her mate Gregoire (remember him from the first book?) has finally decided it's time to collect his innocent mate and take her home with him. When he goes to collect her, he discovers where she is and immediately unearths the fury of hell to find her and take what is "his".

"What was his little mate doing at an island known for sexual excess? Gregoire could barely contain the roiling possessiveness inside. It was new and uncomfortable. No one touches her."-Gregoire

Although their initial meeting was met with passion and uncontrollable drive (which is the standard protocol when mates are together for the first time), these two have quite a journey ahead when it comes to their emotional connection. While Alyssa and Gregoire try to overcome hurt and miscommunication, the evils of the realms are battling to take over. The new threat causes Alyssa's best friend Rain to move in with the Guardians (cue the next story line). Although the overall focus of this read remains on Alyssa and Gregoire, we have the bonus romance addition of Sam and Erik. (Those two made my heart melt with every moment they spend together).  


The plot line in this book is well executed through the colorful writing and carefully constructed characterization. The romance element between all of the different couples is intense and once again, I found myself blushing through several of the more erotic scenes. After the first book, I was unsure how I would feel about this element continuing throughout. Well, I can say with complete certainty that I feel great! Ms. Jay is excellent at articulating the reasoning of her character's choices through their actions. In fact, the reasons that these characters are so happy to explore, experiment, watch, and simply enjoy themselves is because it is a vital part of their culture and well being. Because I had become so immersed in the story, it felt natural and I felt everything but uncomfortable. Simply stated: THIS BOOK IS HOT!


As far as the action in this book, I found it to be even more intense and engaging than the first book in this series. Now that I have a better understanding of the characters and their origins, I was able to sit back and enjoy the read. Mild warning- at times it can be a bit overwhelming trying to sort out all of the details. My advice with this read is to just go with it. As soon as I let loose and just absorb the story things began to click into place.  


Overall, Ecstasy Claimed was an amazing read. Setta Jay is a master with the dialogue, character development, plot twists, steam, and the tender romances that she has created. I am beyond thrilled that I have discovered her writing and I look forward to reading more. Now, on to the next one! Rain and Dorian are waiting! 


~ARC graciously provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.~

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